The 'raum.licht' project proposes to accentuate the night time in the city of Basle and raise awareness to light exposure in public spaces.

The connected installations will be executed on two striking urban buildings in public spaces. One building will be the 'Swissmill-Silo', the other one is still in discussion.

For this permanent installation RGB (red-green-blue) light modules are selected. A dynamic graduation of colour will be activated through a colour-year-clock, based on the Internet-activity of the citizen of Basle. Maximum Internet volume will result in colour changes from the season colour to white. The virtual data traffic will influence the night time picture of the city.

The 'raum.licht' project was commissioned by the Christoph-Merian-Fondation ( It is the first light concept in the context of the Basel 'stadtlicht' project with Simon Baur as project leader.

Estimated completion date: October 2002

co-lab: Claude Hidber, Valentin Spiess & Doris Koepfli in collaboration with Martin Bölsterli /