LIC/LAAC (Light Information Cube/ Local Annonymous Asynchronus

The project LIC/LAAC focuses on combining public space with current forms of urban communication. It concentrates on dealing with problems that have arisen from 20th century city development, primarily non-spaces.

These non-spaces have been created by increasing amounts of street-traffic which in turn affects the pedestrian flow. Such places have become undesirable, with people preferring to pass by quickly.

The Heuwaag underpass in Basel, Switzerland, is such a place. We are using this underpass as an example of how lighting methods coupled with communication technologies can provoke social communication processes and simultaneoulsy revalue the space. The LIC/LAAC will be on display here in March 2002.

The cube operates in three ways; pedestrians are able to contribute comments via SMS, pre-selected messages will be displayed at certain times of the day or night plus the colour of the cube changes depending on both the time of the day and its surroundings.

The project LIC LAAC is a collaboration between co-Lab, Hyperwerk, Christian Schoch and Moritz Schmid.

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