SWAMP – Interactive Welness Park
co-lab zu Gast bei Dachkantine im Toni Areal, Zürich, Schweiz
Donnerstag, 25. September bis Samstag, 27. September 2003
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Toni Areal Zürich / Dachkantine / 7. Stock / Förrlibuckstrasse 109 / CH-8005 Zürich

Das Manifest der virtuellen Triade, Daniel Diemers
Die virtuelle Triade ist ein Modell, das aus drei sozialen Prozessen besteht, die für die weitere Entwicklung unserer computerisierten Gesellschaft bestimmend sein werden.

Das Manifest der virtuellen Triade widmet sich den vielfältigen gesellschaftlichen Prozesse, die aus dieser Entwicklung hervorgehen.

The Zeitter captures the passage of time in a manner impossible for the human eye to visualize. Contrary to the traditional camera, the Zeitter integrates the idea of time in a process permitting the instant capture of many images and then broadcasting the result in real time.

LIC/LAAC (Light Information Cube/ Local Annonymous Asynchronus Communication)
Download LICLAAC.pdf (324 kb)

Fab (Filters and blockers)
A collaborative art project launched by co-Lab Basel, Switzerland together with an international group of selected artists, technicians and designers. Fab focuses on artistic and human conscious ways of merging art, the human body and new technology in order to find a new defintion for the protective/adaptive function of our modern surroundings.

The 'raum.licht' project proposes to accentuate the night time in the city of Basle and raise awareness to light exposure in public spaces.

dotwat.ch New display concept for timepieces.
A new approach for watch displays in order to extend the flexibility of displaying information.

Magic Eye An interactive light object which reacts to movement and sounds in space.

Gleaming Brides
Highly reflective wedding dresses for gleaming brides.

A display built in a skirt. 3840 LED components covering the entire cloth forming an impressive display. The project was presented by Christian Schoch at Fred’99