co-Lab activities are mainly concentrated on the research for interactive concepts, wearable tools, interactive spaces and new kind of interfaces (Human being versus technological world), fashion, architecture and urban mapping are representative working fields of co-Lab’s activities.

One of the main focuses is to encourage exchange and connection with Academia, Companies and Cultural Events within the social agora of our days – merging the various referenced fields and borderlines through a network into a dynamic research laboratory.

In this context co-Lab offers consulting, concept design, workshops, lectures and events where experience gained within co-Lab is to be shared and furthermore developed with participants, enlarging the network spectrum.

co-Lab members arrange contacts for technical support for the realisation of projects, installations and happenings resulting from these collaborations.


public presentations::

Feb. 2003: [plug in], Basel, lecture and public presentation of the "Manifest der Virtuellen Triade" by Daniel Diemers, co-Lab. Link to plug in

Okt. 2002: [plug in], Basel, 'Lichtgestaltung im öffentlichen Raum', Podium discussion

Apr. 2002: [plug in], Basel, 'Fab Preview' within the program 'verführen, reisen, navigieren'

Juni 2002: QuerSchnittStellen Congress, institut for media science, University Basel, CH, co-Lab project presentation.

Jan. 2002: Ifm, Institut für Medienwissenschaften, Basel, CH: co-Lab Projects

Nov. 2000: Blickfang, November 26th 2000: co-Lab: "An der Schnittstelle von Design und Neuen Technologien". Link to Blickfang

Okt. 2000: Forum de Glion, organized by TSR and Le Temps: "co-Lab and co, entre art et nouvelle technologies"

Dec. 2000: Podium diskussion with Catherine Hürzeler at 'portes ouvertes', Basel

May 2000: HFG Basel, 'Fashion and new Technology' Research of sensing human affects. New sensors tailored for applications in intelligent wearables. Link to HFG

Fab (Filters and blockers) A collaborative art project focused on artistic and human conscious ways of merging art, the human body and new technology in order to find a new defintion for the protective/adaptive function of our modern surroundings.

'Transparencies', 04. - 11. Okt. 02
Within the workshop 'Transparencies' we discussed the advantage of information technologies as well as the need for protection from the transmissions, carriers, and emissions these technologies emit.

Workshop 'Speed-O-Mat', 25.Okt. - 01.Nov. 02
Within the workshop 'Speed-O-Mat' the accelerative dynamics of our modern urban live was explored.

Location: co-Lab Basel, Switzerland, Workshop Adviser: John Klima, N.Y.

co-lab zu Gast bei Dachkantine im Toni Areal, Zürich, Schweiz
Donnerstag, 25. September bis Samstag, 27. September 2003
SWAMP – Interactive Welness Park